Saturday, 5 April 2014

About turning 50 - feelings of gratitude

I have lived in this world for 50 years now and feel so grateful . I have so much to thank for . First of all for my wonderful daughters , and for the strong mother who welcomed me when I unplanned ended up in her arms. I am grateful also for all others who are close to me now, and for those that were so before. I am very thankful that I met a special person, who taught me what love should be like and how wonderful it is. Life is amazing, and every year my life has improved. I want to continue like this! I want to continue to wake up every morning with a feeling of gratitude for being here, for being healthy and  surrounded by love and friendship. Thank you !

Photo: Leonardo Imperatori

When my sister suggested that I should have 50th birthday party , I fought hard against her persuasion . " I don't care about birthdays ," I tried . "Why should I celebrate that I get older ?" etc. BUT - now I can say that I am glad  she actually made ​​me change my mind . "Of course you should celebrate that you were born!", she said, "It's wonderful to have lived half your life and to have achieved so much!" and so on. And well -  I have always appreciated the humble people who are brave enough to change their minds, so I decided to become one of them.

Photo: Leonardo Imperatori

An idea started to take place in my mind. What if I could get all my lovely friends to get to know one another? What if I could simply arrange a party with dance and snacks, where old and new friends could meet and make friends? Said and done ! I involved my oldest daughter, who has lots of friends who are musicians and who are very dear to me.  "There must  be a theme for a birthday party", somebody said . I did not think long before I got it "Peace & Love" I said.

Photo: Camilla Bisogno
Peace and love was the theme. With peace and love my friends came to my birthday party . Old friends I had not seen in 10 years due to lack of time and for long distances . New friends , who I got to know very recently but who have already showed true friendship . Friends, students, and relatives from Sweden and my wonderful daughters. About 70 people managed to come and we danced all night. My nephew who opened the dance by inviting me up to dance to "Dancing Queen " , my oldest sister who gave a speech in Swedish while a friend translated it into Italian. Happiness, love and gratitude were the feelings I had and that fill me even now when thinking back on the wonderful evening.

Photo: Leonardo Imperatori

I had been lucky enough to celebrate my birthday in Sweden with the rest of my family already, with those who could not be in Rome for the party. On the other hand I know so many more people in Rome than in Sweden by now so it felt important to celebrate here.
Photo: Stefania Fedeli

I couldn't stop some tears of happiness to fall,  but that was a great feeling. It is fantastic to feel so happy that you cry. ..So my message is this: Never miss a chance to celebrate! And do not be afraid to cry tears of joy . It is wonderful to be happy - let happiness come in when knocking on the door. 
Best of wishes 


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